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Why Choose A-STAR?

A-Star Group is one of the leading companies in providing Diving Support for Inspection, Repair and Maintenance work in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Vietnam, Middle East and beyond.

In order to help our Clients in tremendous Fuel Cost Savings through the year; hull cleaning done at regular intervals. Otherwise, the hull tends to develop a layer of bio-film (slime) as well as other heavy attaching marine growths. As these extra loadings on the Ship Structure are directly related to increased fuel costs and wear and strain on the engines.

Following are some of the core competency our Clients are providing during Hull Maintenances:

Underwater Inspection Services

In-Water Hull Cleaning and Inspection

Provision of Diving Services for Non-Invasive Marine Growth Inspection

(ABS / NK / BV / DNV-GL / LR) Underwater Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (UWILD)

Underwater Inspection in-lieu of Dry Docks

Underwater Inspection of Wharf / Jetty Structures

Installation of Pile Clamping

Installation of Marine Growth Protections and Riser Clamps

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WSH Council Work Place Safety Certification

American Bureau of Shipping Class Approval

UTM of Ship’s Structure – DNV 402A Class Approval

Bureau Veritas Class Approval

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